It is a model of creative behavior, written by Diego Uribe M.S. and John Cabra Ph.D. Describes 5 behaviors to tackle projects of high complexity, which must be lived by pedaling and experimenting, which allows us to enter cycles of a permanent retry.

Curiosity / handlebar

Curiosity is the behavior that leads us to want to know more, to explore in depth and not settle for the current state of a problem or situation. It feeds on our ability to observe, discover, ask and explore.

Game / seat

The game is a behavior and mental state around an activity that gives us pleasure. It opens spaces for exploration and free improvisation without having to pay much attention to a defined purpose. The game allows us to take risks and challenge the limit of what is possible.

Experimentation / Front wheel

Experimentation is the engine of creative behavior, it is the behavior through which we are able to produce results, to test hypotheses and to explore more deeply a focus of curiosity.

Reflection / Left rear wheel

Reflection is the complement of experimentation and behavior that completes the learning cycle during creative exploration. After each experiment it is necessary to reflect on the experience and the result obtained, in order to synthesize and define a new point of experimentation.

Incubation / right rear wheel

Incubation is another complement to experimentation, whose effect is manifested in a secondary plan. Incubation is the act of disconnecting completely from the focus of exploration and creation; to let rest and that unconscious processes can participate in the creative process.

Attitude / pedals

In itself, attitude is not a behavior, but its role in creativity and creative behavior is such that it is part of the TRYCycle® model. Attitude is a filter of behavior and determines the way we respond and behave in the face of environmental stimuli.

It is a design management model focused on users. Here we display the creative behavior in 3 phases: understand, solve and accelerate. ERA ™ allows us to enter phases of divergence and convergence at critical stages of development, for impact and transformation projects.