Our services focus over 3 areas of future business exploitation dealing with strategy and value proposition design, innovation project initiatives and business co-creation and incubation. All 3 areas seek deep high impact transformations to create new social and economic value in the market. We invite you to learn more about them.
Future Businesses

We design strategies for innovation, governance and development of creative skills, managing transformative value propositions to address the businesses of the future.

We explore forces, trends and technologies that allow our clients to question the underlying paradigms that rule the company´s (industry) business model today and thus open possibilities that yield totally new business models for the future.

We generate a broad portfolio of innovation opportunities that give depth to today's core business, extend the business model to adjacent opportunities and explore disruptive future possibilities of far reaching impact.

We help design and transform corporate cultures generating conditions that favor creative behavior and innovation. We address innovation governance models that provide a clear framework of objectives, goals, values, symbols, policies and incentives that give political support to innovation over time.

We promote team multidisciplinary work coupled with design driven creativity and innovation tools that strengthen leadership skills and help deal with uncertainty and fuzzy project outputs that are at the core of innovation initiatives.

Value propositions

We manage transformation projects, in all their development stages, which allows us to think and put new value proposals on the market.

We commit to a deep understanding of the problem holding a user centric point of view, scanning the social and economic context of the challenge and applying mega trends to formulate new points of view and opportunities for innovation.

We push people´s imagination to new space, ideas, future visions and that allow us to exploit insights and points of view synthesized in the research phase.

We like to think with our hands and brains. We strive to materialize any type of idea, be it a product, service or a business model, into prototypes that we can put to the test and accelerate learning. Then we iterate and repeat this cycle aiming to articulate a Minimum Viable Product (MPV) that gives us real world condition performance data

We further develop the Minimum Viable Products (MPV), to meet technical, commercial and industrial conditions for mass scalability and integration.

We sort the challenges of scaling MVP´s and design “Go to Market” strategies to maximize innovation success and impact.

Company Builders

We build businesses for the future, through studios and associative models to finance, incubate and scale up ventures and corporate projects.

We support and develop multiple startups to quickly create new companies with value propositions that change market paradigms thus having global scale outreach potential.

We orchestrate corporate spinoffs to give life to projects that would otherwise be quickly crushed within the company´s culture and business model. If someone is going to disrupt our business, let´s try to be ourselves!

We are challenging the rote memory learning paradigm through learning by doing projects. We are orchestrating many diverse stakeholders to deliver programs and projects that shift early childhood education, schooling and corporate / institutional learning top a paradigm of creativity, play and real project learning pedagogy.

The history of humanity has been of a constant struggle to generate, store and distribute energy. We create, promote and develop companies and projects in energy generation, storage and superconductivity with the purpose of transforming and promoting a new energy economy for the future.