Camila Bonilla Country Manager de IDEMAX, en entrevista para Mexico Business News
Camila Bonilla Country Manager de IDEMAX, en entrevista para Mexico Business News
En una entrevista para el medio internacional México Business News, Camila Bonilla destacó la importancia para las organizaciones de tener la capacidad de entender los desafíos que enfrentan de cara al futuro para así anticiparse con acciones concretas. ¿Qué elementos del negocio debemos adaptar o crear?, ¿Qué nuevas capacidades internas necesitamos instalar?. Las reglas del juego están cambiando, y esto exige una revisión del negocio para poder vivir esta transformación.

Q: IDEMAX became operational in Mexico at the beginning of the year. How does the company aim to capture the Mexican market?

A: IDEMAX is a business transformation consultancy dedicated to helping companies understand the challenges they are likely to encounter and the concrete actions they should be implementing. We identify new business opportunities, help them adapt to new technologies and develop skills, organizational processes and company culture. IDEMAX helps companies realize these objectives through four main lines of service dedicated to culture, strategy, projects and corporate ventures.

Mexico City has steadily grown into an attractive market for domestic and foreign companies of all sizes, all of which are interested in cementing their presence and expanding throughout the region. To achieve this, companies must remain relevant and cognizant of strategy development. Amid so much change and volatility, IDEMAX’s commercial proposition appeals to companies that conceptually understand that they need to adapt to anticipated market forces but lack the implementation know-how.

Q: What did the company learn about Mexican companies from its 130 Million Opportunities event?

A: We learned a great deal from this event and experienced first-hand the rich business culture Mexico has to offer. Mexican business leaders have a genuine interest and disposition to form win-win collaborations that enable companies to grow and be successful. Based on several conversations with decision-makers, we found that most companies are aware that they need to speed up their decision-making process. This self-diagnosis indicates that most companies in Mexico have the initiative to change and adapt but see themselves constrained out of concern on how it might affect culture, processes and size. IDEMAX aims to seize on this self-identified need and support them in this process.

Q: What are the primordial rules and assumptions company leaders need to unlearn to succeed in the 21st century?

A: Preparing companies for the challenges of the 21st century involves introspective reflection of what has worked well for the company and anticipation of what lies ahead in the future. The market is not static; the rules that may have allowed a company to grow are likely to evolve or even die out. Therefore, it is essential that companies unlearn assumptions. Otherwise, companies risk ingraining detrimental assumptions and practices that could later hurt their agility as market conditions shift. IDEMAX’s reigning goal is to help companies develop an ambidextrous ability to prepare for the future and explore new business ventures. In practice, this entails helping companies develop an in-house ability to examine what allowed the company to grow and use that information to explore new business practices and opportunities. For some clients that may translate into exploring how to fortify a product or service or to anticipate what they may need to let die out over time. This transformation will also require changing company culture, talent and skills.

Q: What intelligence and data does IDEMAX defer to when helping clients develop their strategy?

A: We always complement our consultancy services with data from the organization itself, which we often find is not processed or remains underutilized. This is then complemented with external data and intelligence relevant to their industry, including information about evolving trends and socioeconomic developments. This multifaceted approach helps companies more easily identify overlooked operational gaps, blind spots and opportunities that often accompany vertical specialization. Furthermore, we also find it valuable to examine qualitative data because there is value in comparing submitted survey answers to actual human behavior.

At IDEMAX, we identify as generalists because we work with companies across all industry sectors, including finance, healthcare, agriculture and beyond. It is an approach that has allowed us to cross-pollinate relevant industry trends across adjacent or support industries across more than 300 projects in the region. This is best exemplified by the technology industry, which will continue to transform other industrial sectors.

Q: What are IDEMAX’s immediate objectives in the Mexican market for 2022 -2023?

A: We want to contribute to the Mexican market by helping companies understand the challenges they are likely to face in the future. We wish to support the realization of our clients’ business vision through the redesign of their business model and company culture. Ultimately, we wish to be recognized as a valuable strategic partner in an ecosystem that is undergoing a multi-transformative change. This entails removing ingrained hurdles and accelerating the business visions that are currently paralyzed by the lack of holistic know-how. 


IDEMAX, founded in 2011, is a consulting and professional services firm that specializes in transforming businesses through an innovation and strategy-driven vision.


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